Are You Done Waiting? Love the Niners but Alex I'm done...

I've been an Alex Smith believer but after this last game I'm done waiting, are you? Watching this game I finally have stopped believing. It's not the tipped pick (bad decision) the bad read, stare down(good defensive read) int. Not the intentional grounding call would have been sack penalty. All that stuff happens, there are other QB's who make those same dumb decisions from time to time. The play that got me, that I've only seen a few comments about here, that no one in the media besides Alex(CSN interview today from lockerroom) is talking about. In the 4th Qt Alex missed a WIDE OPEN (NFL standards 3 steps) Josh Morgan on a post route that would have been a TD if he hits him in stride, or at the least a 50yd gain if he gives Morgan a chance to catch it.

This play jumped out to me in the regard of Mike Johnson's playcalling. He attemted atleast two times to push the ball down the field. Once to Crabtree that got a pretty generous PI call. That ball wasn't even close. Then the deep ball to Morgan. My thought which means nothing is that an offense should try to hit one deep ball per quater. Four calculated attempts will make the defense play honest and it opens up underneath routhes. And if you can hit atleat one thats a huge play that can do something for momentum. Seeing Johnson atleast challenge the defense vertically was nice. So where the toss sweeps for Gore,but back to the subject.

When Alex missed Morgan it made me think of him missing VD in the preseason, then back to last year the DET game when he couldn't  hit a wide open Crab for the BIG TD on and on and on back to 06 even when he couldn't ever quite seem to hook up with Antonio Bryant on the long ball. Seriously in his career how many deep balls can you remember Alex hitting a guy perfect? I'm talking 40+ yards here.

For 6yrs I've been waiting for Alex to come out "hot" and light up the defense. I just can't believe in a game where he came out "hot" 8/8 with a TD. We still only managed 7pts the entire game. Week after week year after year I've waited for Alex to have that HUGE game and I'm done. I was feeling this way last year after Alex couldn't "shine" against the Rams and Lions last year. Yeah he played good games but not what had been hoping for. This offseason I totatlly bought into the hype and Alex has looked good at times but he's always done that.

Now here's some fun facts.


47 Career Games

Longest Career Pass: 75 yds in 06 (I dont remember it, anyone out there care to share there memory of that play?)

Longest Career TD: 73 yds. Last year against the Rams. Was really about a 25-35yd completion and VD did the rest. Still an awesome play.The big play isn't everything but NN jog your memories. How many nice 40+ yd plays can you remeber from Smith?

Most TD's in a game: 3. Only three times in 47 games and two of those games were losses last year.

Most INT in a game: 3 He's only done this three times in 47 games also.

OK 2TD games:6 four of which came last year also

OK 2INt games:9 three of which have come THIS year

300 yd games:1 in 47 games in a loss last year (sea) he's had a few 275+ plus only 1 in 47 games WOW

These last one's really are shocking....

In 47 games the most points an Alex Smith led offense has scored is 34. In 06 a win over the Raiders. Smith had 3TD's that game. Do you know how many times an Alex Smith led offense has scored 30+ points in 47 games....Yeah, 1, uno WOW. Ok in an alexcuse since 05 the niners have only scored 30+....7 times. Three of those games where in 08 in the Martz experience all three were W's. The most points in the last 5yrs was 37. Heck were 6-1 in games which we score 30+

Ok OK so your thinking well Dre any team would have a great record if they averaged 30+ a game. Well then lets look and see....How about 21 points? 3TD's a game i think that s a reasonable goal. Well since 05 the niners have only scored atleat 21 only..............12 times. WOW. So our defense has to hold the opponent under 20 or forget about it. It's not gonna happen. Sometimes the D is gonna need the O to put up points and we have been piss poor at this the last 5yrs.

Im not trying to bash Smith I'm just done waiting for the "magic" to happen. I still think he's our best option as of right now and I hope he can turn it around. I'm niner nut no matter what so I'll still hope for a W every week. But I really believed oneday Alex would "shine" and all I've seen is "glimmers" So for me I'm done. My opinion means nothing and I hope he does the best with whatever time he has left i will never root for a niner to fail. But Im just done believing in the "dream" that is Alex Smith.

I would like to hear some of your favorite Alex moments from the believers. Also I'd like to hear some of the non believers most memorable "why i hate alex" moments. Thanks if your bothered to read all this

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