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LB Keaton Kristick Promoted To Active Roster

The 49ers have announced that LB Keaton Kristick was promoted to the active roster from the practice squad today. I suppose my hopes for Diyral Briggs to return were mostly unfounded and I need to accept the fact that he's just not the guy the 49ers have plans for.

What does Kristick bring to the team, though? I have to imagine that, if he's active, he's a special teamer. Somebody noted recently that the team wasn't using enough linebackers on special teams coverage, and it's something I noticed myself and actually had a post on prepared.

The 49ers have had an excessive amount of defensive backs on special teams coverage, and those smaller, faster guys aren't always the best option for coverage. They get manhandled and tossed around, whereas a linebacker more often than not will have a straight shot at a guy after the faster, smaller defensive backs occupy the better blockers up.

I don't see Kristick being a depth guy, either. He does not appear to be ready to take defensive snaps.

In other news, the team has announced that they've brought in a new offensive assistant coach, Chris Beake. Beake has spent a lot of time with the 49ers in the past, as everything from an offensive assistant to defensive assistant, to quality control. He also has spent time with the Atlanta Falcons with the linebacking core, and more recently, with the Seattle Seahawks as an offensive assistant/quality control/assistant special teams coach. Seems like a solid hire.