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Golden Nuggets: Made Myself Sad

So we had some more moves yesterday, and once again I disagree with it just about on every front. My disagreements are of little valuable to anyone involved, though. I would have went with Diyral Briggs, but then again, I'm not running a team and never have. I'd probably find a way to guide this unit to 0-4 or something like that ... oh wait. I just made myself sad. I bet I'd find a way to make us 0-5 through week four, that's how bad I know I'd be at this. I seem to have a knack for predicting, though ... I should hit up Vegas. I mean, I'm great at predicting until it comes down to wins and losses. I'm not so good with those, in fact, I was pretty far off with mine. Oh well, can't win 'em all, I suppose. I just hope I'm not saying "Oh well, can't win any, I suppose," at the end of the season. Made myself sad again. BRB crying. (Go Niners)

The 49ers promoted LB Keaton Kristick to the active roster. Kristick does have a lot of potential, despite the fact that he's not one of those guys we know a lot about, I do think he can do some good things ... probably not with us, but you know. (

Barrows has more on Kristick, as well as the tight end we signed to our practice squad, and a note about losing Bruce Davis, which totally sucks. A lot. (

You can vote for S Taylor Mays as the rookie of the week for his week four performance. Do it. (

Here's Maiocco's latest mailbag post. He notes that Alex Smith and Mike Singletary are attached at the hip. Looks that way. (

Singletary bet it all on Alex Smith this year, and, up to this point, it isn't really paying off at all. Sigh. (

49ers-Falcons film review. There's not a whole lot of new information here, but a good read regardless. (

Here's a first look at the upcoming game against the Eagles. I think the 49ers can win this one. (

The deadline just made a whistling sound as it passed by for teams to claim Michael Lewis. I wonder if anybody did. I love the comments on the piece, claiming that Lewis is a top twenty safety. Hah. (

Michael Vick is likely not to make the trip to San Francisco. (

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