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49ers-Eagles Injury Updates

Mike Singletary is apparently speaking with the media right now and while we'll have his transcript later this afternoon, it sounds like there is some important information to pass along courtesy of Matt Maiocco's Twitter feed for now. According to Maiocco here are some injury updates:

Delanie Walker: Out and is week to week

Eric Heitmann and Will James: Will have chances to contribute

Ted Ginn Jr: Will have a chance to be back

The Walker and Heitmann discussions are the most pertinent for our purposes at this point. WIth Walker out, 49ers fans can expect to see a lot more of Nate Byham. The 49ers run a lot of 2-TE sets and if they continue that practice without Walker, that means a lot of Byham. Of course, it's possible that the absence of Walker leads them to remove some of those sets. If the team isn't completely comfortable with Byham in such a prominent role you wouldn't really want him out there as a decoy, would you? The team has given him a lot of work thus far so I don't suspect that's as much of an issue as it might otherwise seem.

If Heitmann is back and has a chance to contribute, I'm not quite sure what that means for this Sunday. Does Rachal get the nod at right guard and then changes happen if he struggles? Does the team rotate guys amongst the right guard/center group?

If Ted Ginn returns, does he go back to returning punts, or does the team stick with Kyle Williams? Williams hasn't really had a whole lot of opportunities to return punts as he's been fair catching a whole lot. I could see a situation where Ginn is the punt returner and Williams is the kick returner maybe.

Will James would certainly a helpful addition to a secondary that has been all over the place. I'd imagine he'd slowly be worked in behind Tarell Brown.