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What Record Did You Expect At This Point?

Coming into this season, I think we all knew there was a chance we'd have a rough start. I heard 2-2 a lot, and even 3-1, as folks recognized that Qwest Field is one of the harder stadiums to play out - especially in week one. Personally, when I really thought about it, I had the 49ers 3-1, losing only to the Falcons. Now that we're 0-4, I'm wondering which part of this team I overrated.

Are we losing because of any one player, or any one coach? Is the team doing bad in a team effort, are there just a few missing pieces, or is this unit really just not as good as we thought they'd be? Is Vernon Davis really that good of a tight end? Does Frank Gore have anything left in the tank? Are Michael Crabtree's previously ample reserves of swag actually present? What about on defense? Is Nate Clements a decent corner, was Aubrayo Franklin's year last year a fluke? Is Greg Manusky a smart guy at all?

I'm questioning every aspect of this team, because I think we have a very small window to win this thing. Not that we can't continue, but I think we need to do it once to be able to do it again, before we fall too far behind. Either way, I just wanted to know: what did you see our record at through four weeks? Who did you see us losing to?