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Golden Nuggets: We CAN Win These Games

Good morning everyone, Ninjames here. For once, we had a day without negative headlines and the like for the 49ers. I mean, we had the general fare regarding Singletary, his job security or lack thereof, Alex Smith's inability to function as an NFL quarterback, the fact that the 49ers are the worst team in the NFL's worst division, and things of that nature. I'm not too bothered by them, we have twelve games left to right this ship, and I for one am not going to spend my days whining about Smith or Singletary when they're the best we've got right now. Smith had a good game, and a three bad games. Let's hope he can get that ratio leveled out, and if need be, let's hope we can correct the issue at the end of the season. David Carr is not the answer, and neither is Nate Davis. I'm not trying to take away your ability to complain about Smith, but let's contain it, shall we? We can beat Philadelphia on Sunday, especially without Michael Vick. Go Niners.

We have some players returning from injuries, which should help. I'm not entirely sure why I'm excited about Ted Ginn returning, but maybe Mike Johnson can utilize him better than Jimmy Raye did. (

Taylor Mays has answered a lot of questions for the 49ers. I don't know that he answers a lot of them, but it's certainly nice to have a high-potential player look good in his first start. (

TE Delanie Walker has a high ankle sprain and will miss Sunday's game. So much for returning from injuries. (

As it was when we traded for him, the goal for Ted Ginn is to stretch the defense. Let's hope he can do it. (

Mike Singletary says his decision not to shake hands after the Falcons game was poor sportsmanship. I agree, that's something a coach shouldn't do. His emotions need to stop getting the best of him. (

QB Alex Smith is taking his share of the blame, which is to say, a fair amount. (

Despite overall poor play from the offensive line, Mike Iupati is a rather bright spot on the unit, he's made his mistakes, obviously, but he's looked good more often than not. (

When it comes to exploiting mismatches on the defense, Delanie Walker is key, but the one player we may see more now is Brian Westbrook, with Walker's injury. Maybe this is the week. Maybe not. (

That's it for now folks, sorry that there's not much, but I've got a horrific migraine and I couldn't get an email to Fooch in time to cover for me.