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49ers Writer Matt Maiocco On His Sports Fandom

Every so often questions will pop as to who exactly Matt Maiocco is fan of in the NFL. Some folks think he's a 49ers fan, while others have never been too sure. Well, earlier today Matt put together an interesting post in which he discusses his sports fan history. Some of you may not care about this kind of stuff, but I find it intriguing given how close he is to the team with his job.

In writing about the 49ers here at Niners Nation I've never viewed it as a stepping stone to some journalism job. I know other bloggers who do this kind of thing because they want to eventually be the next Bill Simmons, or Peter King, or whatever. For me, I enjoy talking about the 49ers and I like having my own little milk box to discuss the team.

Over the almost four years I've been writing here at Niners Nation the 49ers have always been great to work with in terms of getting access as a blogger. They include me in press releases they send out and they've always been cool about hooking me up with access whether it be attending training camp or interviewing Jed York. We've had brief discussions about potentially covering games from the press box, but honestly I don't view myself as press and I personally love the feeling of writing about the game after watching it from my couch like many other fans. At this point I sort of get the best of both worlds with the 49ers. Some level of access but with the ability to write as I see fit.

Anyway, I figured there were some of you that would like to hear what MM has to say about an area that can certainly be touchy for beat writers like Matt Maiocco.