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49ers Launch "49ers Gameday Live" Phone Application

As the world becomes more and more technologically advanced, we've seen many professional sports leagues and teams work to integrate new technology into the viewing experience. Nowhere has this been bigger than in the cell phone. As we've advanced into the "smart phone" era, teams and leagues can do so much more with applications for phones to keep our collective attention.

The 49ers recently announced they've released an official mobile phone application called 49ers Gameday Live. The application is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices (downloadable at the Android Market, iTunes store or MobiHand application store). 49ers Gameday Live will allow fans at Candlestick Park, through a Wi-Fi connection, to view multiple camera angles and watch the NFL RedZone channel live on their phones. All fans will have the ability to follow real-time statistics (including drive-by-drive stats, box-scores, standings and player statistics) and catch the latest news and twitter feeds on the team, regardless of their location.

It sounds like the application will recognize the in-stadium wifi connection, which means you wouldn't be able to use this application to watch the RedZone channel outside of the stadium (my first thought). For this Sunday's game obviously the RedZone feature doesn't matter (SNF game), but at future Sunday afternoon games you'll be able to watch the RedZone channel to keep track of all the other games going on before and during the 49ers game.

If you decide to download this app, there are plenty of informational features you can use during the game. If you go to this Sunday's game against the Eagles and do get the app, give it a whirl and post a FanPost so we can get thoughts on it from those who use it at Candlestick.

After the jump I've got a couple screenshots of the application courtesy of the San Francisco 49ers Publicity department.


Courtesy of the San Francisco 49ers


Courtesy of the San Francisco 49ers