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Golden Nuggets: So Pumped

Good morning everyone. How about them Giants, yeah? Sorry, I know this is a 49ers blog, but that's what's on my mind right now, the Giants, and later today will be the Sharks, and then the Giants again. Then the 49ers, but I really am excited for the Niners on Sunday, considering I'm very confident they'll be picking up a win over the Iggles. I'm not entirely sure why I have this abundance of confidence, but it's there. The 49ers will win, by at least two possessions and perhaps more. Vernon Davis and Brian Westbrook will for sure have touchdown receptions, and Gore will put up two more on the ground. Book it. Write it down, take it to the bank, tell your sister. It's going down like that, tell 'em Ninjames told you because he rocks. I've also decided to tag these posts with some things that London Niner identifies with so he can find this: british, london, tea, girlie, luscious locks, hair, beard, ninny jam, jimbo. That should do it. Enjoy the links, folks. Also, go Giants, Sharks, and Niners. Go Warriors, as well, just because. Somebody needed to say it.

It's deceptively simple: if Alex Smith plays well, the 49ers can win football games. It seems like it would be so easy, doesn't it? Let's get this together, Alex, on the off-chance you're reading Niners Nation today. (

Maiocco has his latest chat transcript, and it's a good one. I basically agree with everything he's said for once. 9-7, winning the division. Booya. (

We're 0-4 not only in record, but 0-4 in the "could Brian Westbrook finally get some playing time?" column. Each week has been a probable increase in playing time for the aging, yet dynamic, running back, but each week sees him being in on one play or less. But with Walker's injury, this just might be the week we see him in on some more plays. (

Offensive coordinator Mike Johnson wants to see big plays. Gee, do you think he's the only one? (

The 49ers are trying to take some inspiration from the '92 Chargers. (

Kevin Kolb needs to be pressured. He needs to be hit a lot, he needs, in short, to get his [site decorum] kicked up and down the field. Get sacks and pressure. (

Steve Young says that the 49ers need to take more chances, and I agree with him, as I so often do. Steve is one of the most intelligent football guys around. (

So Kyle Williams injured his middle finger. That sucks. (

Maiocco had a good post regarding his fandom as a reporter. (