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49ers-Eagles: Asante Samuel Out, LeSean McCoy In

I don't have the final injury report yet, but Matt Barrows has tweeted that Eagles CB Asante Samuel is out this Sunday because of his concussion last week and LeSean McCoy will be a full go on Sunday in spite of his rib injury.

Barrows pointed to this as good news and bad news. Obviously McCoy is a solid running back that will create some havoc for the 49ers. At the same time, it will be interesting to see how McCoy plays with the banged up ribs. He might be a go initially, but a few tough hits could certainly change that. I'd imagine that aside from pain killers, McCoy will potentially be in a flak jacket we often see players wear when their ribs are banged up. This is intriguing because sometimes it can affect a player's ball security.

We'll have the update final injury report later this afternoon.