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49ers-Eagles Final Injury Report

The 49ers and Eagles each released their final injury reports, and as mentioned earlier Asante Samuel and Michael Vick will both definitely be out of this Sunday's game. WR Riley Cooper will also be absent, while LeSean McCoy is listed as questionable. He'll play, but we'll see what one well-placed hit by Patrick Willis does to change his mind.

Kyle Williams is questionable for the 49ers and with Ted Ginn Jr. getting in a full week of practice we could see him back manning the return positions once again. He was strong against the Seahawks before the injury so hopefully he'll pick up where he left off.

TE Delanie Walker (ankle)

WR Kyle Williams (finger)

OG Chilo Rachal (knee)

WR Riley Cooper (concussion)
CB Asante Samuel (concussion)
QB Michael Vick (rib)

G Nick Cole (knee)
RB LeSean McCoy (rib)

CB Jorrick Calvin (shoulder)
TE Brent Celek (wrist)
G Todd Herremans (shoulder)
T Austin Howard (back)
LB Akeem Jordan (abdomen)
G Reggie Wells (illness)

Head Coach Mike Singletary's post-practice media session transcript is after the jump...

Head Coach Mike Singletary
Post-Practice - October 8, 2010
San Francisco 49ers 

Listen to Audio I Media Center

On injury updates for this week:

"As far as the injuries are concerned; (TE Delanie) Walker, out; (WR Kyle) Williams is questionable; (G) Chilo (Rachal) is probable."

On whether Rachal will start against Philadelphia:

"I expect him to play. We'll see how it goes."

On whether he would consider rotating Rachal and T/G Adam Snyder at right guard:

"No. You know what, it depends on - my thought process right now is that if Chilo is healthy by the game, then he will start and he will play, unless something happens. So we'll have to see how it goes."

On what kind of week he got from WR Ted Ginn as far as health and how he looks coming back:

"We got a good week. I thought he was - kind of picked up where he left off. It was a good week for him."

On the week overall:

"I thought overall the week was good. I thought the guys came back from a difficult loss last week and just continued to build. And it was nice to get (C Eric) Heitmann back. It was nice to get (CB) William James back and back on the field. It was nice to get Ginn back. So, I think that was all good; it was all positive this week. Looking toward the game, Philadelphia obviously is a good football team and presents a number of challenges and we have to make sure that we're ready to play because we know that they're well coached. They're going to come in here and we have to be prepared to play a very good football game."

On whether Heitmann has a role in the game this week:

"Well, we're just going to continue to - getting him back on the field, getting him back out there in the mix and it just depends on how we feel. We'll see how it goes."

On whether he is comfortable with Heitmann as a backup guard as well:

"Right now, as far as guard is concerned, haven't seen a whole lot of that since I've been here. So, center would be his first and primary role."

On whether he feels that RB Brian Westbrook is ready to make more of a contribution as far as finding packages where he can get on the field and contribute:

"We've certainly tried to work towards that this week and we'll figure it out. It depends on the game, the tempo of the game, the style of the game and we'll see. But, we're going to try and get him out there. How much, I don't know at this point."