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49ers-Eagles: Eagles All Over The Place In The Red Zone

We had some discussion on Thursday about the 49ers performance in the red zone and in the Vernon Zone and so I thought today we'd take a look at the Philadelphia Eagles in the red zone. A quick look at Football Outsiders' DVOA stats raised some very interesting information.

According to FO's DVOA rankings, the Eagles offense ranks #1 in the red zone, listed as 10th in passing and 2nd in rushing. On the other hand, the Eagles defense actually ranks dead last in the red zone, listed as 29th against the pass and 32nd against the rush. Certainly an intriguing contrast.

One has to wonder how the Eagles offense will look on Sunday without Michael Vick, and with either a banged-up or absent LeSean McCoy. This doesn't exactly tell us much given that it's such a small sample size, but of the Eagles 12 touchdowns this season, 7 have included either MIchael Vick or LeSean McCoy in some manner. The breakdown of that seven figure is 3 McCoy rushing TDs, 3 Vick passing touchdowns, and 1 Vick rushing touchdown. Again, small sample size, but we as 49ers fans should look for bonuses wherever we can!

On the defensive side of the ball, the Eagles have struggled in the red zone and the 49ers absolutely have to take advantage of it. The 49ers have had some moderate success in the red zone when they actually get there. The Eagles have struggled to the point that the 49ers absolutely must strike in the red zone.