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Golden Nuggets: Win Is A Win Is A Win

Haha, that was awesome ... the winning part, not the quarter or two or three of general mediocrity leading up to the win. Troy Smith played a decent game of football and Frank Gore went all "Frank Gooooore!" on those jive turkeys. That's what went down ... or at least that's what I'm told, me being a poor folk, I wasn't able to watch the game. I listened in on the radio and it sounded like there was probably a lot of swearing going on in the gameday threads, sad that I missed it. But hey, a win is a win is a win is a win, am I right? You know I am, because I'm Ninjames.

Anyway, couple things. Number one, go Giants. Seriously. I want the 2010 MLB season over with tonight. Number two, go Sharks, just because I enjoy watching the Sharks more than anything, essentially. Third, be sure to get at Tre9er for the 49ers Tweet-Bag and ask him some questions via Twitter, we got some good people answering questions and it's a feature we'd really like to push. He puts a lot of work into them. So get on that. On to your links, go Niners!

The Niners rode Troy Smith's improv skills to victory. I'm not sure how I feel about the quarterback situation. I don't want to get excited. (

The 49ers are likely to stick with the hot hand at quarterback, that hand being Troy Smith's. If Alex is ready for the St. Louis game, I'm betting Troy will be getting the start, but I suppose we'll see. (

Heading home with a win, and likely, a new starting quarterback. (

How unprofessional of our LondonNiner. Getting his picture taken with Jerry Rice? (Twitter)

It seemed like a very 49ers-friendly crowd, which was enough to make the Niners feel at home. Which is great, because this was a "home," game for us. (

Hey look, not terrible grades for the 49ers! I always do enjoy some postgame grades, if I do say so myself. (

Here's a good recap from across the pond. (BBC)

And also a slide show, thanks to LondonNiner for emailing me these links. (BBC)

Like I said they should, the 49ers gave the ball to Frank Gore. And we won. So there's that. (

More recaps, can never get enough recaps, I always say. (

Well, we got things going on a rather improbable play, but any fan will tell you Walker can snag the catches in traffic with the best of them. It's just when he's all alone in the open field that he can't get the ball. (

Singletary disagrees with a couple roughing the passer calls. From what I've heard, he's totally in the right on this one. (

A little rushed this morning, will try and update shortly and clean things up a bit.