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49ers-Broncos: Grade Their Performance

I don't get to watch the game until this afternoon, so I can't speak to specific grades. From what I read, the team was generally mediocre throughout the game, save for the final quarter of play. It was still a good margin of victory, which implies the defense was good, or at least appeared as such.

So I just wanted to get a quick poll up regarding the game. Simple, give the 49ers a grade for their overall performance, and talk about individual grades per unit in the comment section. An ugly game can still get high marks and things like that if the team pulls it together and doesn't barely squeak by with a win. So go ahead and be generous if you want, you've essentially earned it.

The grades I've read thus far from the beat writers and the like appear to be pretty generous. I tend to be more of a realist. Quarterbacks are garnering an "A," grade, but a look at the stat line to me says that it's considering past quarterback play. For the 49ers, that kind of play was worthy of that grade, despite the fact that Troy Smith wasn't exactly a world beater out there. Defensively, the 49ers have been getting high points on the line and linebackers. The poll will just include an overall grade, but feel free to give full grades in the comments.