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Randy Moss Released by Vikings: Should 49ers Claim Him?

Tre's Note: Thanks to Tom Huddlestone for posting the fanshot on this, but I thought it warranted some further discussion on the Front Page.

As has been reported by numerous media outlets in the past hour, Randy Moss was released by the Vikings today following his tirade (part 2) this past weekend. Mike Sando immediately questioned if St. Louis would pick Moss up since they are so very thin at the WR position.

A thought crossed my mind that's sure to be controversial, but why wouldn't the 49ers consider claiming Moss (since they are higher in the waiver priority) just to play keep-away with Moss? That way the Rams wouldn't have the benefit of Moss playing against San Francisco in two weeks,'s probably a longshot but maybe Singletary, Takeo Spikes, Vernon Davis and others can get Randy in a room and see if he's man enough to try and play some team football for the remainder of the season.

I know he's got big time attitude issues but he survived in New England with strong leaders for years and was very productive. Maybe New England get's him back somehow and looks like geniuses, also nabbing a 3rd round pick in the process via trade with Minnesota.

What do you think will happen with Randy Moss and do you think the 49ers should give him a sniff?