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Golden Nuggets: Oh Reginald ... I Disagree!

The practice squad shuffle continues for the 49ers, though it wasn't due to a move they made for once. It really does bother me, when I take a step back and look at the sheer number of practice squad moves the Niners have made this year. So many that I disagree, but just the number itself is ... quite honestly, it's far too many. No other team does that, and we're losing ... protip, Niners, it's not working, whatever it is you're doing. But anyway, we lost a home grown kid but I'm not going to think twice about it. I didn't consider him to be a prospect of any kind, just a camp body more than anything. 

Anyway, the Nuggets are returning in full today, I have some more time on my hands and hopefully I'll be able to provide better content for you each day. Be sure to check out the game stream I got up for this weekend's game against the Rams over at SB Nation Bay Area. Other than that, we have some good stuff today, and look for the Tweet-Bag on Thursday.

Matt Kopa fell pray to the Miami Dolphins, they signed him from the 49ers practice squad to their active roster. Also sucks that Jehuu Caulcrick is now a Buffalo Bill. Feel bad for the guy. (

Singletary has some statements regarding Alex Smith and his leadership, or lack thereof. I find the line "I really don't know how that was construed that way," to be especially comical. I love the guy, he's one of my favorite people ever, but when it comes to coaching, everything he says is misconstrued before it even leaves his mouth. (

Dashon Goldson has apparently been playing hurt these past eight games. I understand everyone is a little banged up, but he should have been a lot smarter about this. If you're hurt, maybe you still play, but take a few less reps in practice, things of that nature ... don't exacerbate the situation for no reason. Either way, he's been a resounding disappointment thus far this year. (

Patrick Willis and Vernon Davis are saying the right things in regards to the quarterback situation. I also like how Willis essentially confirmed that Troy Smith will be the guy going into Sunday's game against the Rams. (

From the official website, here's what is supposed to be audio from Joe Staley and then Mike Singletary on KNBR, but I can't listen right now to confirm. You're on your own. (

Branch provided a transcript for Singletary's words regarding Smith and leadership, as noted in Lam's article before the jump. (

I don't have the time to read this now, but I understand you can hear Singletary talk a bit about leadership ... and not refer to Alex or Troy. I'm intrigued. (

Here's a first look at Sunday's game against the Rams, always a good prep. (

Maiocco has a bit about Thaddeus Gibson. I like the kid, he might be able to be something, right now he appears to be a good pickup, but I fail to see how he was preferred over, say, Diyral Briggs. (

This article is a bit about the stadium, but I haven't the time to read up on it. The new stadium talk just depresses me, quite honestly. (

A quick look at how a few 49ers players spent their bye week. (

If Alex Smith is ready to go on Sunday, will he start? I'll say no, there isn't even a little bit of a chance that he starts. Which, as I noted in the game stream, means he'll probably start. I don't understand this team or the NFL this year. (

Apparently, the Mike Singletary skit on Letterman's show is back again. I can't be bothered to watch it because I never found it to be the least bit funny, even when Singletary's mannerisms used to rub off well on me. (

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Nuggets were late tonight due to London Niner emailing me about this trick play from a middle school and whether or not it's legal to settle an office dispute; I say it's legal because it's a form snap. A legal snap is one that sees the football moving backwards continuously, which this one does. Had he reached forward and then up to put the ball over his shoulder, it would have been illegal. So, you can blame him for the late-ness of the Nuggets as I responded to his email at about 2:50ish.