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NFL Power Rankings, Week 10: 49ers Holding Steady Heading Into The Rams Showdown

Due to my travels I forgot to post the weekly NFL power rankings. We're back to see where the 49ers stand in the weekly rankings we all know and love, or at least give a cursory inspection. The 49ers didn't change much over the last week since they had a bye, and prior to that they gained a couple spots with their win over the Broncos. Our friends at SB Nation have them holding steady at #28. In their commentary for the position they address something most sites touch on:

The 49ers can make a mini-run the next three weeks against the Rams, Bucs and Cardinals.

The 49ers have somehow managed to remain only two games out of first place in the NFC West in spite of a fairly abysmal 2-6 start to the season. Thanks to the atrocious NFC West the 49ers have a chance to climb firmly back into the playoff race with a victory this Sunday. It might not mean much to the pundits out there who produce these power rankings, but at the end of the day all that matters is winning the division.

This is certainly a big stretch and if the 49ers can find some success they'll get some love in the power rankings. However, I can't imagine NFC West victories will matter much to the "power rankers." But who cares as long as the 49ers are winning games.

After the jump I've posted the various weekly power rankings for the NFC West and the averages...

ESPN - #28 - Troy Smith gives the 49ers' offense a different look in a year when continuity was a top priority.

  • Arizona - #25
  • Seattle - #24
  • St. Louis - #21

The Big Lead - #26 - This is about that time that expectations start creeping back in as we haven't had to watch SF for two weeks, because they have the division in front of them with home game against Seattle and four games against Rams and Cardinals.

  • Arizona -#28
  • Seattle - #27
  • St. Louis - #23

Fox Sports - #27 - Trust me on this, Troy Smith is not the answer to San Francisco's quarterback woes. But if he can take good care of the football each week, he'll have a realistic chance to start the rest of the way.

  • Arizona - #26
  • Seattle - #24
  • St. Louis - #16

CBS Sports - #27 - The 49ers move forward in the Troy Smith era with a real chance to win a division that is downright horrible. It starts Sunday against the Rams.

  • Arizona - #25
  • Seattle - #23
  • St. Louis - #19

Pro Football Talk (via - #27 - Don't look now, but the 49ers remain very much alive for the NFC West title.

  • Arizona - #25
  • Seattle - #24
  • St. Louis - #18

NFL Fanhouse - #28 - Week 9 was one of the few where the 49ers didn't look bad, maybe because they didn't have a game. Another week they looked pretty decent (I'd hate to call any aspect of their game good right now) was Week 8 with Troy Smith at QB. Is he the spark this offense needed?

  • Arizona - #26
  • Seattle - #25
  • St. Louis - #22

Average 49ers Ranking: 27.17
Average Cardinals Ranking: 25.83
Average Seahawks Ranking: 24.50
Average Rams Ranking: 19.83