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Golden Nuggets: I'll Show Ye ...

Good morrow to ye, blogslaves. Today in 49erland we have bits about ... well, look at that, leadership, once again. I don't quite get all the buzz about it, I mean, obviously we need to keep writing about it, but I don't understand why it's still "the buzz," in the building. Troy Smith probably has a bit more fire lit under him, he's probably a better leader. Let's get on with it and discuss more pressing matters, like Michael Lewis's impact ... on the turf on Sunday when Gore shrugs him off, administering a cataclysmic concussion the likes of which have never been seen.  At least, that's how it will feel to Lewis. I don't want him hurt, mind you, to wish injury on any player (though I did find myself wishing one Favre, Brett would suffer some form of surprise castration when the entire media was focused on his package) is just bad mojo. I am, however, making a prediction that he'll be drooling by Sunday night.

In other news, good stuff coming on NN today, I'll be freaking out around 5 a.m. pacific when Fernando Verdasco comes on for his match, and Machinae Supremacy rocks so much face it's not even right. That concludes the portion of the Nuggets where I rant on about things you don't care about. On to your links, go Niners and all of that.

Troy Smith is likely to be the starting quarterback on Sunday. Singletary noted that Alex Smith would probably be the starter is he was medically cleared, but I sincerely doubt it. Call me crazy, but I find myself thinking that Mike Singletary is starting to ... lie to us! Shocking revelation. (

Enjoyable piece from Cohn on leadership regarding the 49ers. Singletary can do what he wants, I wasn't being cheeky when I said he lies to us. (

Reggie Smith and Sam Bradford used to be high school rivals ... and then college teammates. Cool stuff. I'd like to see some more of Reggie over Dashon, who has been bad this season. (

Mike Singletary and our Niners need a lot more than the last eight games to save their season. I wholeheartedly agree ... I will only be OK with keeping Mike Singletary under very exact circumstances. (

Another midseason report of sorts, looking at who's stock is falling and who's is rising. (

Joe Staley leads by example. Interesting side-note, Joe Staley has been playing pretty bad this season. (

The 49ers could see Michael Lewis on the field Sunday against the Rams. Watch for the players talking about the "man who seemed to be moving in slow motion on the field," in the post-fight press conference. (

Alex himself doesn't sound like he's ready to play, which I suppose validates Singletary a bit, as if it really matters even a little bit. Protip: It doesn't. (

Reggie Smith is probably going to get some more playing time, which sounds nice. I don't like that he'll be in taking some snaps from Taylor Mays, I'd prefer they come from Goldson. (

Here's audio from Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo and Sam Bradford. (

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