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NFL Injury Report: 49ers-Rams Thursday Practice Participation Report

The San Francisco 49ers and St. Louis Rams released their practice participation reports for Thursday and once again nothing that will shock and amaze you.

Earlier today I posted OC Mike Johnson's post-walk through transcript, and after this jump I've DC Greg Manusky's transcript. There have been some mentions around the Twitter world that safety Reggie Smith will see some more playing time this Sunday. The comments have been that Taylor Mays will get some spells because of his double duty on special teams and in the secondary. If that is the primary reason, then his struggles lately against the deep ball made the decision a little bit easier. Coach Manusky discussed the secondary's struggles against the pass:

On the struggles in pass defense:

"I think some of the deep balls. We've got to keep our eyes on the guys that we need to be covering across the board and not give up the big plays. Keep it in front of you. That's the best motto I always had when I was playing. Make sure the ball's caught in front of you, at least you have a chance to make the play and if you don't at least you can tackle them. That's what we've got to do better."

This comment would seem to lend itself to the secondary playing off, which causes immense frustrations late in the game. Maybe the idea should be to have the corners playing close and then the safeties a bit deeper?

Limited Participation In Practice
CB Nate Clements (ankle)
QB Alex Smith (shoulder)

Did Not Participate In Practice
WR Danario Alexander (knee)

Limited Participation In Practice
James Butler (ankle)
RB Brit Miller (calf)
TE Fendi Onobun (back)
DE James Hall (hand)
RB Steven Jackson (finger)
LB Na'il Diggs (shin)
OT Rodger Saffold (shoulder)

Full Participation In Practice
LB David Vobora (hamstring)
CB Ron Bartell (neck)
LB James Laurinaitis (knee)

Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky
Post Walk-Thru - November 11, 2010
San Francisco 49ers

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On whether there is a new sense of commitment for the second half of the season:

"Yeah, we've got a couple of divisional opponents this next half of the season when we only had one in the first. So, we're looking forward to it. This is where you make your money if you want to do anything, at least offensively and defensively because that's when you have to win. You have to win in December and November, so that's what we've got to do."

On what they have to do defensively:

"I think across the board we've got to play better pass defense, we've got to play better run defense. I think we've got to get pressure on the quarterback. All of those good things that you've got to do each and every week that you kind of stress -got to get more turnovers and make things happen."

On the struggles in pass defense:

"I think some of the deep balls. We've got to keep our eyes on the guys that we need to be covering across the board and not give up the big plays. Keep it in front of you. That's the best motto I always had when I was playing. Make sure the ball's caught in front of you, at least you have a chance to make the play and if you don't at least you can tackle them. That's what we've got to do better."

On S Reggie Smith getting worked in the mix more:

"I think with [S] Taylor [Mays] and him, they're running a decent amount of special teams and on defense, at least Taylor was the last couple of weeks. When I was a former player, I used to hate, not hate it, but it was a big toll. [Former Chiefs head coach] Marty [Schottenheimer] used to take me off of PAT protection, which was nothing. For the most part it's the punts and the kickoffs when you're on those things and have to turn around and play defense. Sometimes it's hard for players, it was for me. Even an illustration with [LB] Manny [Lawson] playing a little bit of special teams, we're rotating him and he's having a pretty good year. It's just where you can catch your wind and go out there and perform at a winning fashion."

On whether he noticed a problem with Mays being fatigued:

"I think so, I always was as a player. You're always sucking eggs and then you've got to call the huddle, at least a TED linebacker or a MIKE linebacker. I used to have other guys call it because you're winded, you are. It doesn't matter how great of a shape you are, if you're playing 100 snaps a game, it's a little different than if you're playing 50 or 40."

On LB Manny Lawson's performance:

"I think you just want him to go. That's what I tell him most of the time, get pissed off and go, roll off and let's go. When it's your time to rush, go. He's been playing that way."

On whether there is a concern with Mays not making plays on the deep ball even when he's in position:

"Got to make plays on the ball. I don't care what position you're at. Just like the linebackers, don't cover grass, that's Joe Air, you don't want to cover him, he's never going to make a play. But for him, there's time he's going to go through some growing pains, of course, being most rookies in the National Football League. The more and more that the kid sees it, the more and more that he plays, the better off he's going to be."

On Rams QB Sam Bradford:

"Good quarterback, gets rid of the ball pretty quick, they've got a good scheme over there in St. Louis. They've got a good running back, got a decent offensive line and they've got some players as a wide receiver making some plays. He's putting it on the money."

On whether LB Takeo Spikes will continue to play more:

"I think you've got to watch him. You can't have a veteran guy that's been playing 12-13 years playing 100 snaps or whatever it is. So, you kind of have to spell him at times just like we do [NT] Aubrayo [Franklin] and [DT] Justin [Smith] and all of the guys across the board. You'd like each player to get about 40 or 50 reps but sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't."

On whether Spikes will be used more than rookie LB NaVorro Bowman in critical situations:

"There's going to be chances where NaVorro's in there and TK as well. So, there'll be both of them in just like there's going to be Taylor and Reggie."

On DT Justin Smith's performance getting lost because the team is 2-6:

"Good football player, well respected throughout the league, I think in the locker room as well. From the coaches, we do. Just a guy that you look for each and every week, he brings his lunch pail to work, goes out there and works and performs and doesn't really care who gets the credit. He just wants to get the win, which is the players you like. Just a great guy, he's playing well. Expectations are still high for him, he does what we ask him to do and sometimes above and beyond. Hopefully he'll get that in the next eight weeks as well."

On the defense getting nicked up on screens in the first half of the season:

"I don't really know every screen, I haven't looked at it from each one, we have in the past. For each particular play, I think when you play screens, I think it's a team defense with linemen seeing it, with people that actually don't have guys man-to-man and they don't cover them that's a concern. Sometimes it's a breakdown, sometimes it's guys missing tackles or not getting where they're supposed to be."

On whether screens were a concern in the first half:

"I think so. I think every year you play teams that are screening you. When you have a decent rush that we've been having, teams are going to try to screen you a little bit more and we've got to play them better."

On whether he expects more screens in the second half:

"I don't know, I'm not the coordinators. I think every week we go in there expecting screens, especially on third down or first and second down. We talk about it out here on the field. We have a number of them in. It's kind of hard to replicate that, but for the most part we always do each and every week."

On whether getting turnovers from the starting safeties will help get over the hump in the second half of the season:

"Getting any turnovers is great. [S] Dashon [Goldson] had one there when TK picked off the ball in Oakland to seal the game in the end, which was great. I want to see more plays on the ball and hopefully we'll get them in the second half of the season."

On the nagging injuries affecting Goldson:

"I think you always have them. I remember [LB] Donnie Edwards when I was playing with him in Kansas City, ‘Oh my shoulder.' Expect it brother, that's the way it always is. You're always going have some type of nagging injury. I always felt as a player, as long as it was on my upper torso I was fine. But when it kind of affected your legs and stuff like that, that was never real good. I never used to like those. You can deal with the collar bones and fingers and elbows and stuff like that."

On whether they looked at LB Thaddeus Gibson before the draft:

"Yeah, we remember watching him at Ohio State, a fine football player in college. Don't know much about his pro career since he's been in the pros. I hear he's pretty good."

On Lawson saying he's playing pissed off:

"I don't know what's going through his head. I think any player that has his head in the game and plays with an anger and a passion, I think that's always great. I always tried and get in that frame of mind when I try to play, a lot of players do. Maybe he's matured a little bit more and understands it. I think he feels a little bit more comfortable in the scheme and what he's doing and just go out there and play. I think that's the biggest thing is he's just going out there and playing football like he knows how to play football."

On whether he was surprised Lawson's hit on Broncos QB Kyle Orton resulted in a fine:

"No comment."