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Caption This!

I know, I know - it's not Christmas season yet. And maybe it's all the stores putting out their Christmas merchandise before Thanksgiving is even passed, but somehow I just don't care. It's Christmas season in my heart. The Giants won the World Series. The 49ers have gone two entire weeks without losing. Troy Smith is starting games at the NFL level. The Chargers remain under .500. The Cowboys are a complete mess. Brett Favre has nearly thrown more interceptions this season alone than Tarvaris Jackson has thrown in his entire career...

I can't think of a list of things that I could possibly want more for Christmas. By gum, something is right in the world right now. I'm so festive, in fact, that I'm even happy for Raiders fans because their team is in second place. So I thought that I would use this Caption This to officially kick off the Pre-Thanksgiving Christmas Season here at Niners Nation. And to help put everyone in the mood, I've prepared a little holiday song for you.


You know Landry and Johnson
and Switzer and Gailey.
Parcells was okay,
Dave Campo was fail-y.
But do you recall
the most hilarious head coach of all?

Wade Phillips, the white-haired head coach
had a yellow exercise ball.
During practice, he would hold it
and show it off to one and all.

All of the other head coaches
used to laugh and call him names.
They never let Wade Phillips
join in any head coach games.

Then one foggy November eighth
Jerry Jones came to say:
"Wade Phillips with your hair so white,
won't you clean out your office tonight?"

Then all of you guys mocked him
because I made a Caption This!
And while it may all be in good fun
laughing at the Cowboys is 49ers bliss!

Butchered meter aside, that was fun for me. Also, I can't stop laughing at the combination of his bright yellow ball and the look of shame on his face. It's like we caught him doing something wrong.

You know the deal: Use the comments to make your captions, and rec' any of the ones you like. By my count, tanos135 won last week's rec'-off. Let's see if we can challenge his title.