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Golden Nuggets: I Don't Even Know What I'm On About

Good morning everyone. Love the discussion that went on about me in the comments of yesterday's Tweet-Bag, which coincidentally, you all should be checking out due to the work that is put into it, even if I was unceremoniously snubbed from this week's piece. Still, I'm quite partial to the "giant-human-freakishness," Tre mentioned, I suppose that's rather apt. In other news, Tre is now banned from Niners Nation and his Tweet-Bag will be run by a group of half-trained monkeys. So it will be handled by smileyman and Andrew Davidson, hey-ohhh! Anyway. My tennis player lost yesterday, boxing hit a new low, the Warriors got pounded in a game they had no chance of winning and the Sharks won a shootout. Shootouts are seriously some of my favorite things in sports.

But .. oh, we have a game coming up? Dearie me, I had up and forgotten. The St. Louis Rams are coming to town, are they not? I've just found that I've been invited to some form of BBQ after the game with the players by someone who works security with the team or something of that sort ... that should be interesting. But yeah, the 49ers are going to win on Sunday. It came to me in a dream, Troy Smith threw two touchdowns and Frank Gore was balling on chins all night. Then Rush played the halftime show and it was the greatest show of all time, ever played. Children sang and danced, and I laughed heartily as I shoved them down the stairs from my cheap seats. Silly kids. This is a man's game.

What in the ever-loving [site decorum] am I on about? I don't know, but it looks like an impressive bit of text, so I'm just going to leave it there.

Michael Lewis is helping the Rams prepare for what the 49ers have to offer. Fortunately, that's all he'll likely be doing, we need not worry about his impact on the field, considering what the word "impact," means to him. I'll milk this for all its worth, folks. (

The 49ers are making some changes, electing to go with experience over youth. I agree with the changes, but again, I feel like it should be Dashon Goldson losing some snaps, not Taylor Mays. That's just me, though, I'm not sure how many people see it the same way I do. (

It's all an effort for the 49ers' defense to improve, and they definitely need to, especially in the "allowing big plays," department. I do love that Yahoo Sports publishes a piece with "defense," and another with "defence." Even though one is right, and the other is wrong. I don't care, don't try and tell me otherwise. One of them is underlined red by my spell checker, so lalalalala, I can't hear you turkeys. (

Here's a chat transcript from Maiocco, I generally don't read these, but that's mostly due to time constraints, they're good for general information if you happen to be behind. (

As our own Tre9er noted a couple days ago, the Rams favor the short, underneath passing game. It's what has hurt the 49ers a lot in the past, but the deep ball seems to be the main culprit lately. (

We'll likely see a gameplan tailor-made for Troy Smith on Sunday. He's a little more well-versed in the offense and we can start to work to his strengths ... let's hope he has a lot of them (

Unlike the Carolina game, when the game was on the line versus the Denver Broncos, Takeo Spikes was on the field, and all was as it should have been. (

The 49ers quarterback situation, contrary to popular belief, is a stable one. Controlled chaos, perhaps? (

More about young Thaddeus Gibson, who I'm ... optimistically curious about. Let's go with that. (

Reggie Smith is no stranger to (St. Louis Rams quarterback) Sam Bradford. Go out there and pick him, then. (

About that Taylor Mays guy ... (

Frank Gore is nearing another franchise rushing mark. Cool stuff, here. (

The 49ers are finally healthy at the tight end position, one of their strongest. A healthy TE position is a definite plus going into the St. Louis game. (

I believe that yes, this has more to do with Mays and his performance as opposed to him just needing to rest, in regards to Smith taking away some of his playing time. (

Here's some transcripts from Mike Johnson and Greg Manusky. (

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