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49ers-Rams: Michael Lewis ... What's He Gonna Do?

In the Nuggets the past few days, it's been noted a few times that Michael Lewis probably won't have a whole lot of impact on the game on Sunday. Lewis didn't have a lot of impact on the field when he was in a 49ers uniform in the latter part of his service with the team, so why should we fear him when he's wearing Rams colors? The short answer is that we shouldn't.

The long answer is that we should be aware of what he can do for their preparation. Lewis was the starting strong safety for quite a few games, through a defense that has stayed mostly the same since 2007. He wasn't the best player, but he was solid, he was starting caliber. Last year, I thought he played pretty well, there were times he lapsed in coverage as he had throughout his entire career, but he's only lost one step this year. That's one step he can possibly get back given a change of scenery and the proper motivation to do so.

But back to the preparation. Lewis knew every facet of this defense, he knows every single play in the book and about every signal. Lewis has been speaking to the St. Louis beat about his preparation, about the conversations he's had with Rams signal caller Sam Bradford. He prepping him for everything the 49ers defense has to offer, and more. Forgive me though, if this doesn't mean that much to me. They have tape, they play this team every year. A trained coaches eye can tell you the tendencies or any corner, safety or linebacker.

So, in my opinion, his impact on this game will be negligible in all aspects. What do you guys think?