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Captain of the Tailgate: Proper Etiquette and a Call For Pictures

Earlier this week, a Rams fan (I believe over at Turf Show Times) stated they were coming out to SF for the game and staying down near the airport. The person asked about where one could hang out prior to the game. Outside of the parking lot tailgates, there really isn't much to do around Candlestick prior to the game. One of the many drawbacks to its current location.

I suggested just wandering over to the stadium early since there is certainly some pre-game atmosphere worth checking out. However, if such a person wandered over to Candlestick and was going through the parking lot, how would you react to them at your tailgate? Or really, how do you deal with anybody whether they are a 49ers fan or an opposing team's fan. Do you invite people into your tailgate area, or do you prefer just including your own people? I don't see a problem with either option but I'm curious how people view the tailgate. Do you see it as a private party, or as a chance to invite anybody and everybody to have a good time even if they didn't contribute to the cost of the food or booze?

On a somewhat related note, just a reminder that on Monday I'll be posting a FanPost for folks to post pictures from their tailgates on Sunday. I know we've got a lot of folks here who go to the home games so hopefully you can get some great pictures posted.