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Golden Nuggets: Disappearing Posts are Fun

Well, good morning there, everyone. Once again something happened with SB Nation and the Nuggets didn't get posted when I scheduled them. Only, this time they just up and disappeared for some reason. I hate it when stuff like that happens.  So it's 6:15 a.m. and I'm starting fresh on the Nuggets, apologies folks, but I'll get these done as soon as I can. No image today, and likely no features today until I get these posted, maybe I'll go in and edit them if I'm feeling up to it. Either way, enjoy the links folks.

Two QBs will suit up for the 49ers on Sunday. Only one of them knows how to throw a pass, can you guess which? (

Here are some matchups to watch for the game. I'm just hoping against hope that our offensive line can hold up under pressure. That's my big issue, if the line holds up, the 49ers win this game. Mark my words, write 'em down, do whatever. (

What's with Manny Lawson? The short answer is that he's in a contract year and is likely going to split at the end of the season. It's also the long answer. Sue me. (

The gameplan should be different tomorrow, as opposed to the gameplan in Denver. (

Michael Lewis is helping his new team prepare to face the 49ers. He's very productive in helping them for the times that he's awake. (

Teams Talk: Dixon on St. Louis (

The 49ers are gearing up to chase the Rams in the NFC West. I thought it would be much longer before I was saying that again. Augh. (

Mike Singletary should go with Troy Smith the rest of the way. I think I agree, but I'm not sure. I'm flip-flopping. (

49ers rookie starting linemen grinding, learning. (

Here's a post from Kawakami regarding potential coaches and things of that nature. I haven't yet got a chance to read it, but as I understand, it's a doozy. (