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49ers-Rams: Mike Singletary Monday Morning Press Conference

I think it's safe to say this should be one of the more anticipated Mike Singletary Monday morning press conferences in recent memory. I say that because we all want to hear what Singletary has to say about the QB situation. It seems obvious that Troy Smith will continue starting, but given how this season has gone along who really knows what will happen from week to week. I'd imagine Troy Smith will dominate the discussion and will definitely be the first question asked.

The other significant issue is the leg injury suffered by Joe Staley. I'd imagine we'll get some more details on the extent of Staley's injury as well as the plan going forward as far as Barry Sims is concerned (and Alex Boone to a lesser extent). Will James also went down with a concussion yesterday so we'll see what the update is on that. I'd imagine he will not play this week, but who knows at this point.

We'll have the press conference transcript up when it comes out, but in the meantime, head after the jump to watch the press conference and discuss it in the comments.

Mike Singletary Press Conference