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Golden Nuggets: NN Penalty on Ninjames

First of all we have a penalty on the play (Nuggets) and as acting referee, I will now announce it:

Prior to the snap, delay of game, Ninjames...2 hour penalty...remains first down.

Gonna be quick and dirty today with the links as I've got to get to my "real" job.  We all watched a heck of a game yesterday/last night (depending on which coast/continent you happen to reside on).  I didn't know how to feel after wards except exhausted.  There were ups, downs, ups that ended up being downs...some upside downs...a little bit of everything. 

Sure we have plenty to talk about today and this week on NN and the beat writers got the head start last night.  On to the links!

Sam Lam has a recap of the game in which the 49ers kept their slim playoff chances alive.

Mike Sando of ESPN gives his "Rapid Reaction" to the game.

Eric Branch says the team believes in Troy Smith...modern day Robin Hood of sorts?

More from Maiocco who says Troy Smith's risks paid off in this game.  I have to evaluate all of the risks, look for that later in the week.

Mike Sando of ESPN talks about the wild ride the 49ers are on with Troy Smith...Mr. Troy's Wild Ride anyone?

Lam says that Troy Smith is the only option going forward after two late-game rallying performances.

Matt Barrows talks about the unfortunate injury to Joe Staley along with some post-game notes.

Maiocco also weighs in on the injuries accumulated in this game and their impact going forward.

Today we have a few posts coming up that I'll briefly go over.  Fooch talks about the injury to Staley and how Barry Sims is once again called on to step up.  We also look at the penalties that plagued us in this game. 

Later in the week I'll have some more on Troy Smith's "risks" and also a preview of Josh Freeman of Tampa Bay.