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Golden Nuggets: I Can't Look

Good morning everyone, Ninjames here. There was another issue yesterday regarding the Nuggets, but I'm back. I was at the game two days ago, and I still have yet to stop shaking. This weekend was hell on my nerves as far as sports go, with the 49ers and all of their penalties, the Sharks and their goals-that-really-weren't-goals, and the Warriors squandering a thirty-one point lead didn't help either. It was a great weekend and Monday, but I'd vastly prefer the games to be nice and boring, with, say, a twenty-one point 49ers lead. They can't give up twenty-four in the last two minutes, can they? I suppose not.

Be sure to go check out the tailgating fanpost for some pictures I posted of myself and my family doing some cooking before the game. It's really a fun time, and the offer is out there for any of you attending home games: Ninjames has some good food for you, though I daresay I won't be making it out to any more this year, depending on where I am in the next week or so. Either way, I'll also have a feature on SB Nation Bay Area going up later today about my unique experience at the 'Stick on Sunday. So be on the lookout for that, and enjoy the links, children. Go Niners.

Troy Smith was named the starting quarterback for the Bucs game. Good stuff, he deserves to keep trying to show us what's going on. (

The decisions thus far have been working out well for the 49ers. (

Joe Staley is out four-to-six weeks due to some sort of leg injury, and that's a huge bummer right now. I don't think anybody would mistake Staley for a flawless player thus far, but it still is never good to see someone hurt like that. (

Staley's injury time frame shows that he should probably be back by the time the playoffs roll around. Hope against hope, right? (

Here's a review, with some grade-esque things to read up on. (

Even Kawakami thinks the 49ers are doing something right and that Troy Smith has earned his opportunity to start again. (

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