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Poll: NFL Victory Of The Week

Another week of "Victories" of the week and another week with no 49ers win on the poll. I call BS. It feels like now even SB Nation and sponsors are shoving the Dallas Cowboys down our throats. Yes the Cowboys got a huge win over the Giants. But I strongly believe the 49ers win over the Rams was of more value as far as this season is concerned. I suppose the Cowboys could use this as a launching point going forward, but it's also conceivable that this was just an emotional reaction. It remains to be seen whether they can build on that.

I suppose the other wins do have significant value in the playoff race, but I guess I'm just bitter the 49ers aren't included. It's only a poll, but the respect of recognition is nice. I suppose the 49ers just have to keep on winning if they're going to get that respect. I realize that's a shocking concept.