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Golden Nuggets: Scouting Troy Smith

The Niners had some goings-on yesterday, with some roster moves and the like. I wasn't surprised by the move at all, it was for the best, with or without the positional need. Beyond that, not much to do but scrutinize everything about quarterback Troy Smith and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It's a shame that, at this point in the season, we need to be doing scouting reports on our on players on top of other teams. Our 49ers will have their hands full against the Bucs offense, but if all goes as it should, they should be able to best their defense enough times to give themselves a big enough advantage. The Buccaneers are just not as talented as the 49ers are ... but that means a fat lot of nothing this season, it seems. They're playing great, we're playing sub-par. Maybe the Rams game is a resurgence ... one can only hope. I also initially had some things planned to go up yesterday, but I wasn't able to do them on account of my power being shut off. Which sucks, of course. Either way, your Nuggets are here, so be merry. Enjoy, folks, and go Niners.

WR Jason Hill was released to make room for a kicker to handle kickoff duties with Joe Nedney's lingering soreness. The 49ers need to draft a kicker this offseason, or find a free agent. (

Here's a first look at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (

The team's offense was expanded during the Rams game. We didn't continually see the same plays. There were moving pockets, fakes, deep routes and things of that nature. Let's hope it can continue to expand with Troy's playmaking ability. (

How about some more film review from Sunday's game? (

Here's audio of Coach Singletary on KNBR, and then audio with Frank Gore as well. (

Maicocco has posted his latest NFL Power Rankings, so go check those out. (

Chilo Rachal lost his starting job for this past Sunday's game against the Rams after missing practice when his son was being born. Snyder seemed to block fairly well before going down with an injury. (

Ugh. Penalties. (

Will try to update it in the morning with more, how you say, substance.