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Patrick Willis Miked Up And Win A Free Samsung TV

First off, I've posted some video after the jump of a miked up Patrick Willis during the Rams game (It's not showing up when I preview the post so HERE'S A LINK to watch it - Here's a SECOND LINK). Thanks to LondonNiner and DreZ for mentioning it in this morning's Nuggets. It's some quality stuff.

Also, SB Nation is giving away a free Samsung 46-inch 3D 1080P HDTV. To enter to win go to the link in that previous sentence and leave a comment in the post discussing "What's the best sports moment you ever watched on television?" You have until November 24th (six more days) and you also need to like SB Nation on Facebook and follow SB Nation on Twitter. There will then be a random drawing of the people who left a comment.