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Caption This!

Sometimes I feel like the Caption This! rides a fine line between comedy and tragedy. Think about it: This year alone we've featured pictures that include Brett Favre, Jimmy Raye, Alex Smith, Al Davis, Wade Phillips, Jimmy Raye again, Josh McDaniels, Alex Smith again... all tragic figures in their own right, all mined for the sake of comedy gold.

Well, this week is no different. You can practically smell the tragedy coming off of this picture. However, continuing with the recent tradition of handshake snubs, I thought that it was important to bring to light perhaps the most important of them all: After getting thrashed by the Seahawks, Cardinals' quarterback Derek Anderson brutally snubbed Matt Hasselbeck. This is an outrage! And to think that the national media is making such a big deal over Todd Haley.

But to put this into terms that we can better appreciate as 49ers fans, and to better contextualize my reasons for choosing this particular photograph for this week's caption this, let me sum things up in one succinct sentence:

That is the look of a man who is in last place.

Ahem. To continue. No wait. Let's actually do that again before moving on. It makes me giddy.

The Cardinals are in last place.

Now, maybe "not being alone at the bottom" isn't really something to celebrate, but until the 49ers win their next seven games, it's all I have. So join me in making fun of the last place Arizona Derek Andersons. Remember: Use the comments section for your captions, and rec' your favorite ones. I took the prize last week with seven rec's on one caption, and you better believe that I'm going for two in a row.