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Captain Of The Tailgate: Tailgating In The Rain

This Sunday the 49ers square off with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a crucial battle for both team's playoff hopes. In an interesting twist, it's expected to rain during the game and actually rain is called for all weekend here in San Francisco. It won't be particularly cold (high 50s) but the rain could certainly impact the on-field performance.

For the 49ers, they've got a young QB looking to make his mark, but more importantly they will have a new kicker on the field in the form of Shane Andrus. Joe Nedney apparently wrenched his knee in some fashion last week on the opening kickoff and will likely be unavailable. Andrus has been a camp body for the 49ers the last couple years but has always been cut by the end of training camp. Now he should get some actually playing time in what could be a very close game. Neither team really blows teams out so this could very well come down to either of the kickers. Will Shane Andrus be able to handle the pressure and the rain?

As you may have noticed this is another sponsored post and I actually was curious how people handle tailgating when it's raining? It's not going to be particularly cold, but rain isn't exactly the best tailgating option. Do you just cut out the tailgating, or do you man up and enjoy the rain? I see plenty of tailgates with various forms of cover so I suppose for many people it's not an issue. But if you don't have cover, how much tailgating can you do? Or am I just being a pansy?