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49ers-Broncos: Mike Singletary post-jet lag press conference

Normally Mike Singletary conducts his wrap-up press conference on the Monday after the game. Given the travel involved this week, this press conference is now taking place today at noon. I've posted CSN's live feed after the jump as I'm assuming he'll be on there like normal. If he doesn't show up there, enjoy the random video of the CSN news room.

My biggest curiosity at this point is if we get any follow-up on the Troy Smith-Alex Smith question. I'd imagine Alex is getting a check-up on his shoulder at some point today since they didn't get in until probably late Monday afternoon at the earliest. Given that, we probably can't expect any further solid answers at this point. In fact it'll be interesting to see if we even have answers at Mike Singletary's normal Friday press conference (if he has one then in this bye week).

I'd imagine we'll get some follow-up questions on the use of Anthony Dixon late instead of Frank Gore. At the post-game press conference it sounded like it was an issue of Gore's legs getting tired. That certainly makes sense given all his carries, but one would imagine that would be an incentive to work Dixon and Westbrook in earlier in the game. If I'm trying to chew up the clock late in the game, I want my #1 back in there. It will be interesting to see if he addresses this, or if even Mike Johnson addresses it later in the week.

Mike Singletary Press Conference