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Golden Nuggets: Rain, Snow, Sleet Or Hail ...

Good morning everyone, Ninjames here. Once again, we're a day out from the big game, one that I'll be attending, yet again. Looks like it might rain, to that I scoff and say "Bah!" I will tailgate just the same, and I will make glorious food for all those present. It will be a great occasion. Also, congrats to Fooch, who found out yesterday that he passed the California Bar Exam. That's pretty sweet, but you can probably expect to NOT see much of him today. As it stands, I imagine he's passed out in an alley somewhere with nicknames for male genitalia written on his forehead in black sharpie as I type this. 

As far as 49ers stuff goes, we had a bunch over at SBNBA, so be sure to check those links out, I pretended I was a fantasy expert and stuff, it was great. We had some atrocious uniforms go viral and things of that nature. Just be sure to click through the related links on SB Nation Bay Area because they do take time to write, and we write 'em for you, and I'll try and keep them mostly out of the body of links. Except for the first one. Beyond that, let's just get to it, generally not a lot on Saturdays.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Williams will make the start on Sunday despite being arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence. I have already made it clear that I disagree with this on essentially every level. (SB Nation Bay Area)

Barry Sims will probably be the guy making the start for the 49ers tomorrow, at left tackle. Which makes a lot of sense, considering he played better than Joe Staley did last season. I think Sims will do very well at the spot. (

This is a good read, this interview with Kurt Warner, who will be serving on the broadcast team for tomorrow's game. I personally dislike Kurt immensely, but I still was able to enjoy what is a fine bit of interviewing, and I know I'm in the minority as far as not liking him is concerned. (

Matchups to watch for in tomorrow's game. I'm liking Frank Gore against ... anybody on the Tampa Bay defense, personally. Sounds good to me. (

I don't understand this at all, even if these are fake, I just don't get the color scheme in these leaked fake uniforms.What exactly were they going for with this? (SB Nation Bay Area)

Here's Patrick Willis on miked up, definitely something to watch because, hey ... it's Patrick Willis, you know? There's no counter-argument to that. Patrick Willis. (

Frankly, I'd put Manny Lawson higher up on the list of free agents the 49ers need to sign than David Baas, but that's just me. (

Expectations are still high from the Yorks's point of view. Of course they are, why shouldn't they be? They're the owners, they're supposed to believe in the people that are there because they put them there. Unfortunately, not everyone is quite as upbeat. (

Teams Talk: Walker On Tampa Bay (

I sort of forgot that we were allowed to talk about the return game. After having to worry about it so much last season, it's just been nice to not really worry about it thus far this year ... but now that we don't need to worry about turning it over every time we go back to return a punt, it's time we start looking for an actual threat. (

Eye on the Midwest: Trip To Wrigley (

49ers embrace the gunslinger in Troy Smith? I suppose that's a good thing, but I'm very scared of that term, to be perfectly honest with you. All I can see is Brett Favre. (

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