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Ninjames Has An Extra Ticket

Hey guys, sorry about the Nuggets not going up, but I'm about to head out. We have four season tickets, and only three of us going. I can't offer you a ride there, a ride back or anything of that sort. I can't give you parking or anything of that nature - but I've got an extra ticket, good to get you in and get you a seat. I'm going down the road right now, on my laptop, it's not the best of seats and you'll have to sit by me and my family, but hey - a free seat is a free seat.

So if you're in the area, you can get a ride to and from the stadium (you can always share in my tailgating fare), post in the comments here and I'll check and let you guys know asap, whoever wants it, if anyone does. You'll need to meet me at the game. Don't leave and go to the game or anything, I've only got one ticket, just post a comment here, and I'll pick someone.

Go Niners.