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Buccaneers vs. 49ers: Well Fans, We've Entered The Seventh Circle Of Hell

Fooch's Note: No swearing in this thread. If you need to swear, go back to the game threads.

The 49ers blew a golden opportunity to get right in the thick of the NFC West divisional race by laying an absolute egg against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, losing 21-0. The Rams and Seahawks both lost and yet the 49ers could not take advantage. However, I declare this the seventh circle of hell because even at 3-7, the 49ers remain alive in the NFC West hanging by a fingernail. I don't think they have what it takes to win the division, but by keeping things close they force me to keep hoping for the impossible. I know some folks have given up, but it's just not in me right now. And it really sucks.

There was a lot of discussion around the Internet about this being a "GPS Game" for the 49ers to figure out where exactly they were at through eleven weeks in the NFL season. Well, it's safe to say this is our answer:

Now the 49ers find themselves sitting at 3-7 about ready to head on the road to Arizona in a battle for either better draft positioning or staying out of last place, depending on whom you ask. Really next week's game against Arizona would qualify as an "elimination game." The loser is basically out of the pathetic NFC West race, while the winner actually still has a chance of sticking around at no worse than two games back.

On the other hand, many people view the game as a battle for draft positioning. The two teams are hanging around the end of the top ten in the projected draft order so a loss would certainly be meaningful in that regard. I personally am looking more at the playoff opportunity just because I really just want to see winning football. Although even when the 49ers win they have rarely played "winning football" this year.

At this point, I don't really know what kind of changes, if any, the 49ers can make going into next week's game. I know plenty of folks want to see Mike Singletary fired, but I'm perfectly fine riding out the string with him. If the team decides to get a new catch, which has to be getting more and more likely, I'd rather just wait until the offseason to start fresh. This team has numerous problems and any midseason coaching change would be a band-aid on a gaping knife wound.

There is plenty of criticism to go around and we'll have plenty of discussion on that. For now I'm just exhausted from a brutal 49ers showing today. I need a break from this for at least a little bit this afternoon. For now I'm enjoying the Colts and Patriots showing how football is meant to be played. Real honest to goodness big boy football.