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49ers vs. Buccaneers: Destroyed By The Bucs Pass Rush

After Ranger10 posted this I definitely felt it needed to be included in the second post-game thread.

This really was a big fat nothing performance primarily by the offense. The defense made it's share of mistakes, but when you spend as much time on the field getting run into over and over again by the likes of LeGarrette Blount and company, it's not surprising they gave up 21 points. That's not to excuse some more shoddy tackling, but I'd lay blame more on the offense today.

From the get go the 49ers offense seemed incredibly out of sync. I'm not ready to throw Troy Smith to the wolves and move on. Rather, I'd actually like to see how he responds next week against Arizona on the road. The Cardinals aren't exactly a good team so I suppose it's hard to tell what we could learn from whatever he might do next week, but a bounce back performance might give us something with which to work. Of course, it's entirely possible Mike Singletary goes back to Alex Smith. When asked if he would make a QB change he threw out his stock answer of "Gotta look at the film. Gotta look at the film."

One of the problems on offense today was the "performance" of the offensive line. Troy Smith had several instances of holding on to the ball too long, but what has become a fairly make-shift line was abused by the Buccaneers pass rush and couldn't create many lanes for Frank Gore. This is definitely one area where film review would be helpful because the numbers leading up to this game had many folks caught completely off guard by the Bucs defensive performance. This was a defense that had eight sacks through nine game and then exploded for six sacks today. The blame lies in a combination Troy Smith holding onto the ball too long, the offensive line struggles, and an inability to establish a running game. Is it an even mix or does one weigh more heavily than the others?