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Golden Nuggets: Not A Fun Experience

Man, that was ugly. Seriously, that was a horrific game to watch in person. I want to say right now that I don't have a horrible day if they lose. The outcome is important, obviously, but when I go to the games, I need a good experience before and after, but mostly, I just want to see a good game of football. That was not a good game of football, not by a longshot. A loss hurts, and even if the 49ers made this a good game, the loss would still hurt, but it sure would have helped the overall scope of my day if the game I had watched was at least worth the ticket price in big plays.

What's on tap for today? I imagine you can guess: we'll have reviews, recaps and ramifications. We'll listen to the Matts and the rest of them tell us just how terrible the 49ers are, how bad the shutout was and all of that, so let's get right to it. Brace yourselves.

Do we really need a 49ers report card? Do we need to put a grade on any of these players? Give them all F's and send them on their way, I say. (

Vernon Davis says that the 49ers didn't attack the Buccaneers the way they should have. To that I respond with a resounding "No [site decorum], Sherlock." (

This was the worst home shutout loss in fifty years for the 49ers. Fifty years since the team experienced something that bad at home.  Great. (

The first shutout, in fact, since 1977. We're breaking all kinds of awesome records, here. (

Here's another recap just for you, since you all seem to love reliving hellish moments. (

Reggie Smith replacing Taylor Mays is not a good sign, in my opinion. I think if anybody should be replaced right now, it should be Dashon Goldson. Mays was playing just fine. (

Really not much else other than stock recaps and the like. Head over to SB Nation Bay Area and check out some of the 49ers coverage there. There's probably more links, but I'm doing this before midnight when most go up, so I'll update in the morning.