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49ers vs. Buccaneers: Mike Singletary's Monday Lunch Press Conference

I'll be honest, I really have no idea what to expect from 49ers head coach Singletary at today's press conference. In answering 16 questions yesterday, Coach Singletary responded nine times with some form of "Gotta check the film." Well, I'd imagine if he was going to check the film he would have done so by now as he gets to face the music one more time in his weekly Monday lunch-time press conference (embedded live video after the jump).

You'd think he would have had some kind of idea of what went wrong during the game, but if it takes a review of the tape to figure out, so be it. Whatever he finds on the film, I'd like to hope for some sign of life at today's press conference. After yesterday's game he really came across as a bit exasperated but not much else. I won't say he sounded defeated. In some ways he sounded a bit oblivious to everything as he threw out his various stock answers. Gone are the days of his first press conference when just let it all hang out. Maybe there's no value in that in the bigger picture, but at least he showed some emotion.

Consider this part of my frustration with the current season. When your coaches aren't able to give an accurate picture of what they see as being wrong, there's a problem. And it's safe to say the 49ers have a lot of these problems. Let's hope for something, anything, of substance today.

To watch the press conference, we've got an embedded stream after the jump or check out CSN Bay Area (40/720 in San Francisco).

Mike Singletary Press Conference