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49ers 2010 Disaster: Visiting The Troy Smith-Nate Davis Question

I think it's safe to just start referring to the 2010 season as a disaster. Even as the 49ers hang around the periphery of the NFC West division race, this season has basically been a disaster for the 49ers. There have been a limited number of bright spots, but really it's mostly been awful.

Last night, Ann Killion posted this on her twitter feed:

Here's what I'd like to see. Nate Davis at QB. Taylor Mays at safety. See what you got.

Taylor Mays was starting at safety for a while but has now apparently been replaced by Reggie Smith. They've bounced back and forth recently and I'm really not sure what's going on. Maybe Coach Singletary will have more on this later today. I'm not holding my breath, but crazier things have happened.

As for the other player in that tweet, I am indeed daring to re-open the can of worms that is practice squad quarterback Nate Davis. This post is meant more for the folks who have given up hope on this season. If the season is sufficiently lost at this point and the team will likely be going through some kind of coaching transition in the offseason, will there ever be a time when the team should see what Nate Davis brings to the table in an NFL game?

If the season is in fact lost, shouldn't the team do its due diligence in regards to Nate Davis? The counter to this would be that the team can bring him back next training camp and see if he's taken his offseason preparation a little more seriously. Additionally, the team is still trying to figure out what it has with Troy Smith as well. He had a bad performance against the Bucs, but he certainly showed a decent amount in the prior two games. The 49ers have seemingly moved on from Alex Smith and possibly still managed to paint themselves into a corner.

The additional problem is that Mike Singletary is seemingly fighting for his job and admission that the season is lost would seem to officially justify moving on at the head coach position. Maybe this will lead to an always entertaining power struggle between the coach and owners over the young QB some folks want to see on the field. DANCE PUPPETS, DANCE!