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Breaking News: Brad Childress Fired by Vikings

Note: Sorry to push the Troy Smith-Nate Davis post down but this was definitely worthy of a front page post.

Multiple media outlets are reporting that the Minnesota Vikings have fired coach Brad Childress and named Leslie Frazier as interim head coach.

At any rate this was a long time coming with the way Minnesota started the season, past disagreements between Childress and Brett Favre, and the general "pussy-cat" nature of Childress.

Adam Schefter made the comment

"So I guess Brett Favre can now drive Brad Childress to the airport."

which is a hilarious burn.

Schefter also noted how the Green Bay Packers have become "Coach Killers" after Wade Phillips was fired following a demoralizing loss to the Packers a few weeks back...and now Childress is fired following a similar loss to Green Bay.

The next question may now be: Will the Yorks wait until the 49ers play the coach-killing Packers before making their own coaching fire? Of course, I joke...but another horrible loss at the hands of a team who's already cost two coaches their jobs...why not? Seems to be the new protocol for 2010.

Check out the piece on SBN Bay Area about this topic as well as Daily Norsemen for Vikings' fan reactions and discussion.