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Golden Nuggets: Angerin' Up My Blood

Morning folks, Ninjames here. Had some news yesterday, as usual the day following a game. We had Mike Singletary's Monday press conference and I wasn't able to watch it. Reading updates from Fooch, Tre9er and Sam Lam during didn't inspire much confidence that I was missing out on anything tangible. Apparently Singletary looked like a beaten man, one who didn't have a lot to work for. We did have some news in regards to our starting quarterback situation, which I suppose is a good thing. Had we decided that Troy Smith shouldn't start after one game, I may have rioted like you've never seen. Either way, yesterday I had my post about Mike Singletary an I don't feel good about it. I stand by the views in it, but it really is bittersweet for me. He just isn't getting the job done, and to me, you fire the guys that can't do their jobs. Either way, it's just how I feel and we need to get you some links. So here they are, and as always ... go Niners.

The 49ers just aren't as good as they think they are. They're probably not as good as all of us think they are. Looking at the film won't help anything, it won't show them anything that they didn't see live. (

Mike Johnson says that it was the execution, not the gameplan, that doomed the 49ers on Sunday. I disagree with this on almost every level. Could we have executed better? Yes, a million times yes ... but that was a sorry excuse for a gameplan and a sorry performance by the 49ers coaching staff. (

Singletary can't remember plays from Sunday's game. Guess he really does need to look at the film. How assuring. (

The Morabitos were inducted into the Edward J. DeBartolo Sr. Hall of Fame during the game on Sunday, which was a pretty cool thing to watch. (

He's taking the blame for the loss, which is good for him. But Singletary still hasn't offered up a solution to the 49ers woes. You can say "my bad," all you want, if you keep doing it, you're going to anger up a lot of peoples' blood. (

Mike Singletary says he's doing a good job with things. Then he goes on to say that he isn't doing a good job with things. I think he's been talking to Tre9er. (

As previously noted, Troy Smith will be getting the start in Arizona, which I believe to be the right move. (

Mike Singletary is running out of time. Pretty self-explanatory. Very true, too. (

Is Mike Singletary the next to fall victim to the Green Bay Packers? Will he fall to the Cardinals? Is he safe for now? (

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