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Golden Nuggets: 49ers Coaching Situation and Looking Ahead to Arizona

Ninjames is indisposed for today's Nuggets, so I'm back making a cameo appearance. Thankfully he's put together a bit of a framework that is easy to copy and paste, so no muss and no fuss. It might not have the broad personal musings Ninjames brings to you each day, but I'll do my best to entertain the masses! First off, don't forget the 49ers-Cardinals viewing party next Monday at Public House.

Second, Thursday is Thanksgiving. I'm not sure yet what the plan will be as far as scheduling is concerned. I'm going down to San Mateo with some friends and won't be around my computer all that much. We'll definitely have an on-going game thread for the three games that day (Patriots-Lions, Saints-Cowboys, Bengals-Jets). I want to get at least one more post up, along with the Nuggets, but we'll see what we get together. On to the links.

Matt Barrows provides some answers to his readers' tweets. (Sac Bee)

The Bucs knew they wanted to make Troy Smith stay inside the pocket to beat them. (Sac Bee)

Ann Killion takes a look into the 49ers coaching crystal ball. (CSN Bay Area)

Matt Maiocco puts together his 32-team NFL power rankings. (CSN Bay Area)

MM does his 53-man roster review from the Bucs game. (CSN Bay Area)

MM on coaching issues to consider. (CSN Bay Area)

49ers first half film review. (

49ers second half film review. (

No changes are planned for the struggling offensive line. (

Patrick Willis is ranking at the top of of Pro Bowl ballots. (

Kawakami has more to say about the 49ers coaching situation as it pertains to Jim Harbaugh. (

The 49ers home site takes a first look at the Arizona Cardinals. (

A look at the issue of sacks and sack avoidance (or lack thereof) by Troy Smith. (Press Democrat)

A look at the broadcasters for the 49ers Week 12 matchup with the Cardinals. (

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