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Websites You Read On A Regular Basis

Alright, so this has very little to do with the 49ers and more to do with general Internet interests. I realized recently that the number of sports-related websites I read in a given day has become incredibly limited. My primary site is The Big Lead. I enjoy their array of content and the fact that they linked to us early on certainly helped, so they're one of the first two or three sites I read each day. I check out and of course our own, but I realized I rarely go to or anymore.

The real instigator for this is that I've decided to pretty much stop going to If I hear they're breaking certain info (like when they had the financial records from baseball) I'm inclined to head over, but otherwise they've become too much like the TMZ of sports. I loved Deadspin when Will Leitch ran things, but I really don't like what AJ Daulerio has done with the site. So, I've taken them off my daily reading for the most part.

Since I've got this nice little forum, I thought I'd query you guys to see what you check out on the Internet, related to sports. And if you know of a particularly entertaining site that's not sports related, I'd say go ahead and include that as well, but I'm primarily looking for new sports sites worth reading. Given how big the Internet is, it's amazing how little of it I read on a daily basis.