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Would You Have Fired Coach Singletary Yet?

Two days ago, Ninjames posted that 49ers head coach Mike Singletary had "overstayed his personal welcome." It's been a frustrating run this season and even the most optimistic are running out of reasons for optimism. In that post, bignerd posted an interesting idea about the fans "firing" Mike Singletary. Two years ago, when thing were falling apart I ran a post in which I gave Mike Nolan a sort of Vote of No Confidence. Fittingly enough, he was fired later that day. I won't take ALL the credit, but it was certainly funny timing.

Usually I post a Mike Singletary Approval Rating on Tuesday, but given that he's quickly turning into a lame duck, I really don't see the need for people to trample on him with a bunch of 1s. Instead, we'll just cut to the chase and discuss the situation much like we did in that Nolan No Confidence vote.

Personally I wish we didn't have to have this many Mike Singletary posts, but it really is just a product of what's going on. Part of the reason for all the posts is just seeing what the mood is out there and figuring out what to do about the situation. Some folks think we should just make a clean break now and both parties go their separate ways. Others would prefer to wait until the end of the year and deal with the coaching situation then.

Until recently I was completely a part of that second group. The 49ers promoted Mike Singletary midway through 2008 and the rush of his close to the season made it almost impossible not to make him the head coach. Maybe they could have done their due diligence, but the team was on a roll and people were excited. Whether you liked it or not at that point, the move made sense. Now, buyer's remorse has me wondering if that is a good idea in this situation. If the team found success under an interim head coach that could be due to a multitude of reasons, none of which pertain to whether Interim Coach X is a good head coach.

However, I also have to think Jed York learned his lesson from that hiring and would go through a more traditional hiring process in the offseason. I'm sure some folks will disagree with that statement, but that's just my opinion at this point. Would there be a benefit to making a midseason change? I suppose it could give the team a chance to test-run one of their current assistants.

I guess I just don't know what to do. An embarrassing loss this coming Monday would certainly give Jed York even more reason to fire Singletary. Things have to be wearing pretty thin at this point. I'm just wondering what will be the straw that breaks the camel's back?