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Golden Nuggets: Miss Me?

Morning everyone, did you miss me? Thanks to Fooch for covering for me the past two days. I've been sick and unable to stay awake late enough to get the Nuggets done, so he stepped in. That was nice of him. Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? Mine was alright, but again: I was sick. Still am sick, probably a bit more so, but I didn't want to ask him to do them three days in a row, so it's all me.

Yesterday we didn't have much, but we did have the 49ers Tweet-Bag and that's something you should be reading and commenting on. 49ers play the Cardinals on Monday, should be a good one, I think. Let's get to your links quick though, it's late and I need sleep. Enjoy, folks.

Here's Maiocco's latest Q&A. It's absurd that the 49ers are still "in the mix." (

This is the last chance for Troy Smith, barring some more injuries or things of that nature. Singletary wants results, and if Troy can't get it done against the Cardinals, we probably shut the book on him. (

The players are noting what I've been saying: the 49ers offense is failing to adjust, in a big way. (

There is a bit of a rivalry going on between the 49ers and the Cardinals, which is always nice. Makes the game interesting. (

Taylor Mays and NaVorro Bowman are seeing reduced playing time ... and I totally disagree with one of those. Do you know which one? (

Not much else right now folks. Perhaps I'll try and update in the morning.