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Captain of the Tailgate: Monday Night Football Public House Event

I suppose this isn't really about "tailgating" per se, but I figured I'd use this week's Captain of the Tailgate to remind folks about Monday's Public House viewing event for the 49ers Monday Night Football contest with the Arizona Cardinals. We can't exactly tailgate for road games, but viewing parties at bars can be a great time. There is certainly something awesome about being in the parking lot grilling up some burgers and hot dogs, but I'd argue being inside where it's at least a little bit warmer can be just as awesome...particularly in light of the unnecessarily cold weather we're getting in San Francisco this week.

I don't get out to very many games at Candlestick so my own tailgating is fairly limited. I watch most games at home so I can keep NN humming, but every so often I'll get out to a bar or over to a friend's place to watch the 49ers. This Monday I'll be at Public House and I was curious how many people choose to watch football at a bar, instead of watching at home or at the stadium?

The upside to the bar is being able to hang out with fellow fans and enjoy some adult beverages with them. Of course, it can also be hard to hear the sound of the game. And if you're not in a 49ers bar (or just in a bar in San Francisco), you might not get sound on the 49ers game. That's certainly one reason to watch at home. So, where do you generally watch football games? Home, bar, stadium, friend's place, other?