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Golden Nuggets: Practicing Again

The 49ers got to practicing yesterday after taking Thursday off due to playing on Monday night as opposed to Sunday, which conveniently worked out for Thanksgiving and other such things. Not too much to note, though — some statements from the 49ers coordinators that I frankly am taking with a big fat grain of salt at this point in the season. You can find what I'm talking about in the first link that deals with Westbrook. This should be a good game on Sunday, a very winnable contest for the 49ers ... which is a scary, scary thing.

Aaand, we're back to full strength with the Nuggets. I had Fooch covering for me, and then I posted them yesterday without much substance, but we should be good-to-go now with all of the linkage. Still sick unfortunately, but at least I'm making progress and getting better. Once again, I'm going to link to this weeks Tweet-Bag post, and implore you to read and comment, there's a lot of information and analysis in each of these and Tre spends a good amount of time getting them done for you folks. That being said, let's get to your Nuggets for the day and as always, go Niners.

For the fiftieth time this year, it looks as though it's time for running back Brian Westbrook to get some more action. No foolin' this time, the Niners honestly mean it. Apparently, he's now at a point where he's comfortable, unlike the last time when he appeared to be comfortable. Seriously. (

It's true that things are not looking good for Mike Singletary, but articles like this confuse me sometimes. I'm sure PFW has their sources within each organization, but I absolutely hate it when they reference things like "our sources on the scene told us that, after Singletary ...," (read the rest of that bit within the story) and claim their inside sources told them things that everyone already knows? I've tried to be less critical when I come across an article I dislike, but things like that are so ... so idiotic. (

I scoff at anybody who claims Justin Smith is not an elite player. Not even factoring in his 150 consecutive starts as a defensive lineman, Smith has the stats to back up his status, and always has. He's perfect for his price, probably deserves a raise, too. Just overall glad to have him around. (

In what is essentially the most disturbing thing for me as a 49ers fan this year, the team's defense is lacking big plays as much as the offense. That's a big problem, considering what this almost-identical defensive unit was able to do last year. I know we didn't drop off on the interception and forced fumble number because Michael Lewis, of all players, is missing from the lineup. (

Despite the records and general inability to play good football for the 49ers and Cardinals, Monday night's game should be an exciting throwdown with the rivalry that's been going on between the two of late. Can it continue to boil even when both teams are on the backburner? (

Love that, "The Way We Were," line here in this article from Branch. The 49ers really need to get things going on the turnover front. Against the Cardinals is a good place to start, in my opinion. (

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