Have you ever Googled your username?

Have you ever Googled your username? If not, I strongly recommend it.

I recently did a Google search of "these3words" and discovered the following music video:

Wow. This chick has it bad for me. I would like you to notice one line in particular:

these3words, have you heard, that you're my everything?

I don't know who Elise Estrada is, but apparently I'm her everything. And then there's this line:

There's no one else who rocks my world. You know I'll always be your girl...

Apparently I'm in a commited relationship with this girl, and I've never even met her. (No, that douchebag in the video isn't me. They really should have consulted me before casting that guy as these3words.)

Okay, so a hot chick who only knows me by my SB Nation username is in love with me. What does this mean? Clearly, it means my football knowledge should be respected more than everyone else on this site. Does Fooch have hot chicks making music videos to profess their love for him? No. Does Tre9er have hot chicks calling him their "everything"? No. Does bignerd ride around town in a pink convertible? Maybe. But probably not with Elise Estrada. Obviously, I know more about football than all of them.

One more thing: I'm considering going back to the blonde chick at the end of the video. What should I do?

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