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Golden Nuggets: Well, That's Pretty Lame

We're a day away from the 49ers playing the Cardinals. Oh wait, no we're not ... Monday night games suck, because I never get to watch them. I'm just always busy on Monday, it seems. There wasn't much going on for the 49ers yesterday ... other than, you know, Josh McDaniels being a despicable person. The report can say whatever it wants to about him not watching the video or anything of that nature, it happened because he made it happen, and we all know that. Give us a draft pick, please! More so than that, you had to tape The 49ers? Of all teams, the lowly Niners were subject to cheating ways? Come on now. Anyway, I'm not sure what else I have for you today, so we'll find out together. Enjoy, folks.

As mentioned, the Broncos were fined for taping the 49ers practice. Good job, Denver. I used to think you weren't a terrible organization. (

The 49ers were wary of being spied on, and didn't run any of their own plays for the time the Broncos were out there. That's pretty darn funny. (

Darn, no questions for Jon Gruden this week, as Chalk Talk has been canceled. Lame city. (

I absolutely hate that Takeo Spikes has not ever been in the playoffs. It sucks even worse because he's such a good player, he does everything you want out of your TED linebacker. This was supposed to be the year he made it. (

Who are the 49ers five most disappointing players? I'm shocked that Michael Crabtree is on that list. I'd remove him and put Aubrayo Franklin on there, and then put Shawntae Spencer in place of Ahmad Brooks. (

Ahmad Brooks is looking to bounce back. Would be great if he could. (

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